Sunday 23/02/2020

Health Facility:​ is the facility related to MOH or work under its supervision. It provides health services to patients whether it is a clinic, health center, dispensary or hospital.

Patient’s rights: are policies and rules that must be preserved and protected by the Health Facility toward patients and their families.

Patient’s Responsibilities: are the instructions that must be followed by patients and their families.

The patient's family: includes his/her family members, visitors and legal guardian.

The legalguardian: is the person who is responsible for the patient by law or religion and entitled to sign on his/her behalf when he/she is incapable of caring for his/her own interests due to infancy, incapacity, or disability.

Child: refers to every patient under 12 years old.

Declaration form: is a form that is not valid unless it is filled out by the patient or his/her legal guardian. That is to start conducting the requested procedure, where the signature is considered an approval of the information contained in the declaration form.

​Clinical Research and Study Programs: are programs in which patients are required to try new medications or treatments in order to compare between them. This is done with the aim of improvement and invention, by specialists under the supervision of qualified staff members.