Sunday 23/02/2020

The patient and his/her family (including the companions) are responsible for:

Preserving the properties of the health facility and others.

Using the facilities and equipment in the health facilities safely and correctly.

Following the rules and instructions:

Presenting personal identification.

Providing complete and accurate information about the patient’s personal and medical information.

Informing the health care providers of the surgeries he/she went through in addition to the other health facilities he went to.

Reporting any changes in the patient’s health.

Notifying the physician about lack of understanding the treatment plan and interventions.

Providing accurate and complete information about the patient’s health insurance.

Ensuring that financial obligations due for the health facility are fulfilled promptly.

Following the recommended treatment plan, where the patient or his/her legal guardian is responsible for his/her actions and the consequences in case he/she refused treatment.

Treating all personnel, patients and visitors with courtesy, and respect.

Following the general rules in addition to respecting others cultural, spiritual and personal values and beliefs.

Respecting the privacy of others.

Following health facility regulations and instructions.

Observing safety and security regulations in the health facility.

Keeping appointments and notifying the health facility when the patient is unable to do so for any reason.

Implementing the health facility’s transfer or discharge decisions.

Adopting No-smoking policy in the health facility except in specialized places for smoking.