Sunday 23/02/2020


  •  The patient and his/her family are entitle to:
  • Introduce the patient to the services provided by the health facility, the proposed healthcare plan in addition to the potentials and capability of the health facility.
  • Provide the patient or his/her legal guardian with complete and updated information about the diagnosis and treatment in an understandable language.
  • Introduce the patient to the identity and professional status of the health care providers and the physician responsible for his treatment, and inform him/her in case there are licensed trainees in the medical team.
  • Discuss the potential consequences, complications, risks and the alternatives to the proposed procedures - if any- with the patient or his/her legal guardian.
  • Provide the patient or his/her legal guardian with needed information before any treatment procedure or surgery, before signing the declaration form. In addition, the patient is entitled to know the name of the physician performing the procedure except in emergency cases where immediate medical intervention is required under the standard regulations.
  • Inform the patient of the kind of interventions, medications and the radiology used in the treatment; their efficiency and safety.
  • Clarify the reasons of transferring the patient to another department in the health facility or to another health facility and give him necessary instructions.
  • Have the possibility of obtaining a second opinion in coordination with the Patient Relations Directorate in the health facility.