King Fahad Kidney Center is located in King Saud Medical City, it is one of the biggest General Hospital in Riyadh City. Our center has lots of resources including manpower & other required equipment.

The center provides treatment for all types of renal diseases including all forms of renal replacement therapy, which are peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis, and continuous renal replacement therapy. It also provides medical care & follows up of post renal transplant patients. In addition, it provides pre-transplant workup for advanced renal failure patients.



We are expanding the capacity to accommodate as many patients as possible requiring renal replacement therapy. We keep improving the environment in the center for optimizing the quality of care provided for these patients. Also, we are providing up to date treatment of all renal diseases.

The center is currently performing pre-transplant workup for advanced renal failure patients and following up post-transplant patients who are transplanted outside our center.



We plan to improve continuous education program for doctors and nurses to keep up to date medical care provided to patients. The center is planning to improve paramedical care and patient education. As well as improving the infrastructure of the center to optimize the healthcare, and patient safety and to provide more required diagnostic & treatment facilities. We look forward to being recognized as the leading postgraduate training program in the field of nephrology.



Committing to the ethical issues related to medical practice to achieve the optimal benefit and safety of patients and respecting the concern and interest of the patients as a human being.

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