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1/17/2019 Resident's Hand Reattached After an Accident with a Power Saw

​Resident's Hand Reattached After an Accident with a Power Saw

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King Saud Medical City recorded a remarkable medical achievement when a medical team specialized in plastic surgery succeeded in reattaching a completely cut off after an accident with a power saw.

The medical city explained that it had received a worker who completely cut off his hand while using the saw. Upon his arrival, he underwent all routine tests and was admitted to for the operation led by the head of the plastic surgery department Dr. Abdullah Al-Tamimi with the help of the Orthopedic Surgery Department

The surgery took 12 hours to restore the arteries, veins, nerves, muscles, and tendons with a medical team consisting of Dr. Mohammed Ihsan Rashidi and Dr. Khalid Murad. Fortunately, the surgery has been performed successfully. The patient now is in a good health and being prepared to leave the hospital within the next few days.

KSMC stressed the importance of taking good care of the limbs after amputation; by keeping the amputated part clean and cool while heading to the nearest hospital immediately.

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