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4/17/2018 KSMC Saves a Man in His 30's from Hemiplegia

​​​​​KSMC Saves a Man in His 30's from Hemiplegia.jpeg

King Saud Medical City, represented by the Spinal Unit in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, saved a Man in his 30's from Hemiplegia after his visit to the medical city complaining of back pain.

Spinal surgery consultant Dr. Abdullah Hamad pointed out that radiation tests showed severe erosion in the fifth and sixth thoracic vertebrae, as well as in the fifth lumbar spine, with less severe erosion in the 12th thoracic vertebrae, in addition to the first lumbar vertebrae and the first sacral vertebrae.

Dr. Ahmed mentioned that the patient was at risk of becoming paralyzed, especially in the level of the sixth thoracic vertebrae, and the fifth lumbar vertebrae, and that the tests suggested a presence of vertebral tuberculosis.

He added, the patient was given treatment of four medications for vertebral tuberculosis. He underwent a surgery to stabilize the upper thoracic vertebrae, and another stabilization of the lumbar and sacral vertebrae, while samples of the infected vertebrae were collected for histological anatomy. The patient is still receiving treatment and his condition is improving.

It is worth mentioning that the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at King Saud Medical City, has been recognized for its success during the past decades, where many complex and rare surgeries are performed. The department as well includes great national competencies and high experience.

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