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9/9/2018 KSMC Saves a Citizen after a Surgery Performed in an Arab Country

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The Center of Obesity Surgery at King Saud Medical City saved a 50-year-old man who had undergone a gastrointestinal surgery performed by a doctor in an Arab Country, after which he suffered from serious complications that almost ended his life.

According to the medical city, the patient was suffering from obesity; thus he traveled to one of the Arab countries to have the surgery by a doctor in his private clinic. The patient faced a severe bleeding after the surgery where he almost died and the doctor was unable to deal with the critical situation.

The medical city pointed out that the patient has been transferred directly from the airport to the KSMC emergency department, where the doctors received his case immediately at the Center of Obesity Surgery led by the head of the center, Dr. Haitham Alfalah. The patient was admitted for urgent laboratory and radiation tests; where he received the needed treatment until he was discharged from the hospital after recovery.

It is worth mentioning that the Center of Obesity Surgery at King Saud Medical City has received the IFSO certificate as an accredited international center for obesity surgery. It has achieved high levels of safety for patients as the first recognized center in the Kingdom affiliated to the Ministry of Health.​

Last Modified Date: 9/9/2018 1:16 PM