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4/15/2018 KSMC Implements an Emergency Plan to Reduce the Spread of Scabies Infection


Scabies Infection.jpgKing Saud Medical City held an urgent workshop for its 10 health centers to prevent infection and take the necessary precautions to prevent scabies. KSMC represented by the Preventive Medicine in the health centers department, has developed an integrated plan to control and prevent the spread of parasitic dermatitis.

The plan aims to prevent the spread of scabies cases. It also aims to increase the efficiency of health workers in the field of controlling the disease and preventing its spread in educational institutions in the health centers of KSMC to stop it from becoming a pandemic disease.

The medical city explained that the plan includes raising the public awareness of the disease prevention ways, increasing the level of the environment’s health, and limiting the disease with effective treatment for the infected cases and those around them.

KSMC mentioned that an emergency team has been created to implement the prevention plan. The team performs an effective surveillance and visual testing of all the clinic patients in the health centers to ensure that they are disease-free. The team also conducts a health survey for schools to ensure that they are disease-free and prevent it from worsening.

It has also explained that the suspected infected cases will be moved to skin clinics for examination and receiving treatment. KSMC added that those are around the infected patients are dealt with through isolating them and educating them as well as providing prevention while treating the infected cases.

Last Modified Date: 4/15/2018 10:35 AM