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1/3/2019 KSMC leaders face to face with the employees in "Your Voice Matters"

KSMC leaders face to face with the employees in "Your Voice Matters"

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The symposium "Your Voice Matters" in the meetup between KSMC leaders and employees carried out with complete transparency and openness.

During the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of King Saud Medical City Dr. Ahmed Al Enizi, stressed on the fact that every employee is a soldier regardless of his job position. He hoped that this meeting would result in improving the quality of the provided services.

Dr. Al Enizi expressed his strong belief in the significant role played by KSMC employees, stressing that they will greatly help in the development process of the medical city and how he would be nothing without them. Dr. Al Enizi urged the employees to communicate directly with him to develop the work system, pointing out that they are always welcome to his office every morning at the beginning of the official working hours.

"The city will witness a number of projects within the framework of its development plan to create a creative work environment that will include an integrated social club that will be launched soon, in addition to the KSMC laboratory that will see the light in mid-2019," said Mr. Mamdouh Altashkandi, the Chief Operation Officer of KSMC. He added, "There is also a special nursery ready to be launched, which will bring great relief to the employees knowing that their children are around".

The discussion has witnessed a number of inquiries concerning the employee on various aspects, as well as some discussions that would provide the highest medical and administrative services. At the end of the discussion, Dr. Al Enzi presented awards to all the participants in The International Volunteer Day.

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